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    NFLOW can seek
    COVID-19's Solution by Simulating
    the spread of the Virus

    Check out the simulation to see whether the respiratory
    droplets can be blocked by the desk partitions in school classroom.



    NFLOW is the perfect 3D fluid simulation software for
    every stage of engineering, from design to verification

Don’t stop at the design stage. Experience simulation! 
Korea’s first particle-based 3D fluid simulation software

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is a crucial component of the upcoming age of digital twins and AI. E8IGHT Co., Ltd. is growing into a world-renowned expert that specializes in the research and development of CFD. Lately, public institutions and businesses switching to digital systems based on new technologies are boosting their values with E8IGHT by phasing in cloud-based instances of NFLOW.

E8IGHT strives to strengthen its future competitiveness and create new values. E8IGHT’s clients can optimize product designs and obtain high-fidelity results with NFLOW’s particle-based solver with GPGPU. E8IGHT not only develops products that the market requires, but also provides services for its clients. E8IGHT will continue to take big strides to secure an ever-higher position in the market.

Optimize product designs

NFLOW enables users to identify flow through/around structures to optimize product designs, and enables users to predict performance at the design stage to reduce overall cost of production

Fast and easy for all

Non-experts can just as easily approach NFLOW
to execute flow analysis as well as visualize results
that reflect the actual 3D terrain modeling

A verified software

NFLOW’s performance is evidenced by the various awards that it has won, which include “Excellent product” by the Korea Public Procurement Service, “First-class good software” certification, a “Technologically developed product for demonstrative purchase award”,  an “Excellent patent award”, as well as through the various joint projects it has been used in.

A non-face-to-face

Pre-processing that directly reflects the design drawings ▶ Easily scalable fluid analysis based on multi-GPU system expansion ▶ Powerful post-processing that enables viewing of the results on various devices

Design for technological prowess and accuracy for the digital twin era!

NFLOW is Korea’s first particle-based 3D simulator applicable to various industries. It provides accurate and visualizable data through simulations.

Core technologies for digital twin

NFLOW is an easy-to-use simulator that integrates pre-processing, analysis, and post-processing. With an intuitive UI and various post-processing functions, the program provides an excellent utility as a modeling and simulation software, which is the crucial for digital twins.

Modeling and simulation

NFLOW can easily reflect 3D models without limits of the physical size of objects, and able to optimize designs through taking into account various input parameters and performing iterative simulations.

A.I. with NFLOW

The results obtained with NFLOW can be used as the data to construct AI-based systems, which are a prerequisite for a digital twin. One can use NFLOW in conjunction with machine learning to quickly identify trends.


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