Increase aviation/aerospace and industrial design efficiency with CFD

Aviation/aerospace is a highly technology industry that serves the civil and military sectors and is a truly global sector beyond nations. Since pre-validation simulation is crucial to the industry, the cost and time required for final output are considerably higher than other industries. The industry is a field in which fluids must be included in the application environment, where fluid dynamic environment analysis is essential, which will enable cost and time savings and safer results of higher accuracy.

NFLOW features versatile application, such as flight vehicle simulation according to environmental changes by atmospheric layer, engine overheating, fan rotation analysis, wing airflow analysis, wind noise analysis, and supersonic flight vehicle fluid drag force analysis. These simulations can bring dominant benefits at the design stage.

  • Flight vehicle motion prediction according to atmospheric changes
  • Maintenance of design process
  • Fuel tank sloshing analysis
  • Aviation engine thermal performance evaluation
  • Fan rotation analysis
  • Wing area airflow analysis
  • Flight motion prediction
  • Aerodynamic analysis of high-incident angle aircraft
  • Analysis of heat flow, such as indoor and engine rooms
  • Analysis of noise caused by wind noise
  • Supersonic flight vehicle fluid drag force analysis

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