Innovation in the medical industry with microscopic scale analysis

Demand for human health and longevity is increasing continuously. From this perspective, demand for fluid dynamics simulation like blood circulation, respiratory organ is also increasing in the medical industry.

NFLOW is applicable in diverse areas, such as hemodialysis, cardiovascular disease prediction, and colloid system analysis in the medical industry and respiratory system, and potential for its utilization is highly anticipated.

  • Kidney hemodialysis filtration rate analysis
  • Prevention of backflow through analysis of I.V. and blood pressure
  • Hydraulic analysis according to opening/closing of I.V. flow regulator
  • Intraoccular pressure analysis
  • Injection hydraulic analysis
  • Prediction of cardiovascular diseases
  • Analysis of colloid systems
  • Prediction of cell movement route
  • Micro-scale flow analysis
  • Respiratory system analysis

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