Review and design optimization suggestion for vulnerable road drainage sections

Civil engineering is an industry in which modification is difficult once products are finalized, and prototyping is practically impossible. implementing a real environment, simulation technology must be used.

NFLOW offers versatile applications, e.g. analyzing the HVAC system inside buildings for convenience of residents, including safety verification of the building, countermeasures in the event of a disaster, reviewing road sections deemed vulnerable in terms of drainage, analyzing noise inside buildings, etc.

  • Optimizes structural design through analysis of building air inflow/outflow
  • Analysis of air circulation inside the building
  • Optimization air-conditioning systems
  • Analysis of air circulation in the analysis space
  • Design of road drainage during rainfall
  • Drainage design considering building leakage
  • Establishment of disaster prevention measures through disaster/catastrophe trends
  • Prediction of the extent of disaster/catastrophe damage
  • Analysis of flooding condition and drainage optimization through rainfall simulation
  • Simulation of stagnation and drainage flow of drainage facilities
  • Review and design optimization suggestion of road sections vulnerable to drainage issues
  • Analysis of noise level and finds a reduction plan to optimize living environment in a building
  • Identifies noise sources inside public facilities

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