Simulation for boosting energy efficiency

In the R&D stage of new and renewable energy, difficult, high-risk experiments are essential. Such experiments are conducted in extreme heat and pressure environments and are high consuming of time and cost. Simulation has become the key to countering the continuing challenges of human and property damage.

NFLOW is suitable for various purposes, e.g. simulation of seawater inflow to alleviate heat from generators, water pressure and analysis of high temperature environment, production efficiency verification, and analysis of fuel tank sloshing. This will save a lot of money and time and help to prevent accidents before the actualization phase.

  • Simulation of seawater inflow for generator cooling
  • Hydropower calculation and energy production efficiency analysis

    Analysis of fuel sloshing inside containers
  • Analysis of overheating issues in heating furnaces, reactors, and blast furnaces
  • Wind turbine simulation
  • Heat load simulation
  • Analysis of oil and gas flow

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