Adequacy review of water-resource facilities

Massive flooding of dams and rivers caused by heavy and torrential rainfall can lead to loss of social capital overheads, as well as personal property and human life. Simulation of water-resource facilities, including dams, reservoirs, and rivers, is now essential to preventing devastating damage.

In building infrastructure, including water-resource facilities, it is also essential to review the optimal efficiency of limited resources in addition to damage and loss prevention. For the best use of ascribed resources, it is important to prevent loss in the supply chain and maximize its utilization. NFLOW can implement and verify those kind of fluid analysis simulation, NFLOW can simulate and verify water-resource facilities operaion, evaluate risks of facilities, and assist in mid- and long-term planning and preparation of management measures for various situations.

  • Structural optimization through water flow analysis of water-resource facilities
  • Ensures excellence through analysis of undercurrent environments
  • Analysis of water level according to water gate opening/closing
  • Water-resource facility design review and disaster/catastrophe prevention

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