Accomplish Perfection through Technological Advancement,

NFLOW PURPLE, Accomplish Perfection
through Technological Advancement

Accomplish Perfection through Technological Advancement

NFLOW PURPLE is a particle-based simulator that has applied ISPH and EISPH method. ISPH method calculates pressure using the Poisson equation along with the assumptions of incompressibility of the fluid and EISPH method is a simpler algorithm using the approximation formula of the Poisson equation.

NFLOW PURPLE allows users to choose between ISPH and EISPH method according to the case of the analysis. Therefore, it is much more advantageous for free surface and multiphase analysis. It is a solution that can be chosen in situations where precise analysis is required. NFLOW PURPLE provides various functions such as heat conduction, heat convection and mass diffusion according to the fluid’s concentration. Also, NFLOW PURPLE can simulate the interaction between solid and fluid by using ISPH-DEM coupling method which allows users to use it in wide range of analysis.


By full implementation of incompressible fluid, NFLOW PURPLE provides high accuracy through calculating pressure through the Poisson equation


NFLOW PURPLE provides wide range of analysis with various functions by coupling with other methods such as DEM


Users can choose the appropriate method between ISPH and EISPH method which it makes users to obtain an elaborate and optimized results

ISPH (Incompressible Smoothed-particle Hydrodynamics)

ISPH (Incompressible Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics)

ISPH, kind of SPH methods, was developed in 1999 by Cummins and Rudman It is a method that performs analysis by adopting the finite difference method to solve the Navier-Stokes equation for incompressible fluids of Chorin. Unlike WCSPH, ISPH assumes that the density of the fluid particles is constant. Even if the fluid flow changes rapidly, the incompressible fluid flow condition is satisfied by maintaining a constant density of the fluid particles. It could be well applied to the following problems; non-physical pressure fluctuations and particle agglomeration which occurs when flow field becomes unstable.

ISPH method has a higher accuracy than the WCSPH method because it resolves the instability of the particles. ISPH is advantageous for parallel computing using GPUs as it is easy to parallelize in a multi-core architecture and provides high speed. The ISPH method is a method suitable for elaborate and accurate analysis, providing excellent results.




  • Steady-State Flow
  • Unsteady-State Flow
  • Incompressible Flow
  • Turbulence Model : LES
  • Flow-driven solid motion (6DOF)
  • Drag and Lift
  • Conjugate Heat Transfer
  • Multi-Phase Flow
  • SPH-DEM (discrete element model) coupling
  • Open Channel Flow and Wave
  • Surface Tension
  • Density-Based Coupled Solver
  • Natural Convection
  • Ex. Screw Pump
  • Mixture Fraction

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