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PROJECT Performance

  • National Disaster Management Research Institute

    • Simulation of reservoir collapse
  • Korea Rural Community Corporation (KRC)

    • Flooding situation according to the collapse of Unjeong Reservoir
  • K-water

    • Sulfur review according to opening/closing of Gangcheonbo (weir), Chilgokbo (weir) and Paldang Dam
    • New water-intake design verification for Yeongcheon Dam
    • 3D CFD SW analysis service related to Purification plant operation
    • (Benefit sharing system) Flow rate analysis with gate opening on the estuary bank of the Nakdong River
  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport - Busan

    • National Route 4 (highway) flood recovery design verification
    • Bike road loss simulation at Nakdong River Samrangjin Geomse District
    • Gigye - Andong 4 Road construction section
  • Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

    • Hull design and drain (residual) design verification
  • Land & Housing Institute

    • 3D fluid simulation for tower-type particulate matter reduction facilities
  • Busan Eco Delta City

    • Tsunami disaster simulation
  • Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

    • Hull design and drain (residual) design verification
  • The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

    • Masong – Nusan road extension construction
    • Inhwa – Ganghwa road extension construction
    • National Road Alternative Bypass Underground Driveway within Suwon City (Dongbu Corporation)
    • Implementation design for Munbaljae reinforcement construction (Dongbu Engineering)
  • Korea Expressway Corporation

    • Applying promotion plan for three-dimensional drainage design using 3D fluid simulation
    • Gwangju Expressway implementation design (Seoyoung Engineering)
    • Saemangeum – Jeonju Expressway construction (Kumho E&C)
    • Saemangeum east-west 2-axis road construction section (Korea Engineering Consultants Corp.)
    • Hamyang-Ulsan Expressway construction (Taeyoung Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd.)
  • VoPak

    • Global oil terminal design simulation

NFLOW technology applied in national R&D

  • Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (KAIA)

    • Saemangeum Watershed One-Stop Solution 3D Simulator Development
    • 3D simulation technology development and integrated management system for urban landslide disaster prediction
  • Ministry of SMEs and Startups

    • Multi-phase fluid flow analysis with relatively high-density ratio

Government agencies and enterprise clients

  • National Disaster Management Research Institute

  • Kumho Engineering & Construction

  • K-water

  • Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research

  • KISTI - Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information

University & Academic clinets

  • Gachon University

  • Gyeongnam National University of Science and Technology

  • Kumoh National Institute of Technology

  • Dongshin University

  • Pusan National University

  • Seoul National University

  • The University of Suwon

  • Inha University

  • Korea Polytechnic University

  • Kyushu University

  • Gangneung-Wonju National University

  • Kyungnam University

  • Daelim University College

  • Myongji University

  • Sangji University

  • University of Seoul

  • Shin Ansan University

  • Chonnam National University

  • Halla University

  • Kangwon National University

  • Gyeongsang National University

  • Dongguk University

  • Myongji College

  • Seoyeong University

  • Sejong University

  • Inje University

  • Jeju International University

  • Hanbat National University

  • Konkuk University

  • Kongju National University

  • Tongmyong University

  • Mokpo National Maritime University

  • Seoul National University of Science and Technology

  • Songwon University

  • Incheon National University

  • Chosun University

  • Honam University

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