NFLOW Sim-Vasc

Why is simulation necessary for vascular diseases?

Increased accuracy through diagnostic assistance
Time and cost savings through non-invasive diagnostics
Development of personalized treatment plans for patients
Ability to predict treatment outcomes
Continuous research and development possible based on accumulated data

Ultimately, our goal is to establish a supplementary clinical diagnostic system for vascular diseases, 

with the incorporation of computational techniques, aiming to create a new paradigm 

in the field of vascular disease management

A variety of research continues in the healthcare field

Biomedical Engineering Society for Circulation (BESCO)
Summer Conference

Analysis of blood flow characteristics in a carotid artery according to boundary conditions of lattice Boltzmann method

The Annual Scientific Meeting of The Korean Society of Cardiology

LBM based carotid atherosclerosis hemodynamic quantitive analysis in 10 carotid stenosis patients

Gwangju International Interventional Cardiology Symposium (GICS 2023)

Lattice-Boltzmann Method Allows Cost-Effective Quantitative Hemodynamic Analysis in Carotid Atherosclerosis​

Basic Cardiovascular Sciences 2023 (BCVS)

Lattice-Boltzmann Method Achieves Feasible Hemodynamic Analysis In Carotid Atherosclerosis With Low Computational Cost​


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